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BE(e): Believe | Beloved | Beyond

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BE(e): Believe / Beloved / Beyond


BE(e): Believe | Beloved | Beyond

OC Women, in conjunction with Sayoni, presents a three-part series for queer women/women who love women

BE(e): Believe | Beloved | Beyond
The bumblebee was never designed for flight. But miraculously, against all odds it does fly!
Queer women today face many unique challenges in their lives - despite all odds, how do we overcome them and live happy, independent and free? Come and fly with us, and hear from other women. Exchange experiences on how to cope with challenges in our lives, our relationships, and plan for the future.

Believe - Being and Believing in our selves. What are the challenges that women face and how do they fly?

6-9pm, Saturday 14 August (part of Indignation 2010)
Venue: 72-13 Theatreworks at Mohammed Sultan Road
Recommended Donation: $10

Beloved - Being with those you love. Developing meaningful relationships with our partners and significant others in our lives.

6-9 pm, Saturday 9 October
Venue to be confirmed to registered participants
Recommended Donation: $10

Beyond - Building for your future. Financial and legal planning for queer women interested in practical planning for the future.

6-9 pm, Saturday 4 December
Venue to be confirmed to registered participants
Recommended Donation: $10

BE(e) Special. Sign up for all three sessions as a package, for a special rate of $25!
* Register now at
* Limited seats available and seats confirmed only when payment received.
* Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further queries.

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