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Gaytopia 2050: The Masterplan of the Gay Community

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Inspired by the likes of Thio Li-Ann and a commentor only known as Seowteochew. A shorter version was first posted here.

I’m going to let you guys in on a secret: all the rumours about the Gay Agenda are absolutely true. Every last word. In my hands I have the Masterplan of the Gay Community, otherwise known as Gaytopia 2050, hardcopy edition. I’ve obtained these plans from the headquarters of Homopolis, located somewhere in between the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold. It wasn’t easy sneaking it out, as I had to get past a couple of flamboyant queens who insisted on giving me makeup tips, and a whole army of dancing gay men who wouldn’t let me pass until I Flaunted it. And then there was the perilous trip across the oily and slippery room of diesel dykes, and the final barrier: walking through the Hall of Decadence.

Before the queens in high heels descend on me with their featherboas, I am going to give you all a sneakpeak in to the Masterplan, planned to the second, till 2050.

Top Ten Goals to be achieved by 2050

  1. Outlaw straight sex – heterosexuality is an affront to our morals and repugnant to a small minority of society who insists on stripping other people of their rights in order to feel good about themselves, even though their rights are not affected.
  2. Outlaw straight marriage – straight people will destroy the institution of marriage with their rising divorce rates, partner abuse, adultery, exploitation of children, sexual violence against women and children [what if fathers rape their daughters?!]. It is not safe for our children to grow up in a stable two-parent household, even though they are loving and caring, because it is inherently bad for them to have parents of different sexes. There are no studies to prove this, but it is true because we say so!
  3. Anyone who admits he or she is straight will be discharged from the army, and made ineligible to donate blood. Even though, really, orientation has nothing do with either of these things, but who cares?
  4. Encourage a culture of intolerance, where parents disown straight children if they ever come out to you. It is always shameful when your child grows up to be a healthy productive individual in society but isn’t fucking whom you want him to fuck. If technology is advanced enough, find the straight gene and abort straight foetuses before birth. Better yet, manipulate their genes in-utero.
  5. Make it compulsory to dismiss straight individuals in high-ranking positions in the government and MNCs, because apparently the thought of them fucking someone of the opposite sex is too much to bear for the people who interact with them or work under them.
  6. Dismiss straight teachers – they might prey on the children!
  7. Make life hell for straight activists. Monitor their activities, and ban their events, especially if they involve picnics, a run, or an exhibition.
  8. Slap R21 ratings on movies which dare to suggest that straight people are happy and normal too. Or ban them completely. Tell the media they are not supposed to print or show anything which “celebrates” heterosexuality.
  9. Send straight people into rehabilitation camps, where they will learn to renounce their abnormal heterosexual tendencies and learn to love people of the same sex, the way they were always intended to. Who cares if this damages them for life? The important thing is that we dictate whom people are allowed to love.
  10. Allow straight people to live in peace provided that they do nothing to reclaim the rights they are entitled to, so that we can get their money.

Top Five Ways to Impose our “Culture” on everyone else

  1. Outlaw croc shoes – no one should be wearing that horrible excuse for footwear, which look more like pieces of Hannibal’s mask cut and dyed.
  2. Make gym membership compulsory for all men upon reaching the age of 18. National Service just doesn’t cut it, in keeping our men fit! Plus there is no danger of mosquito bites in a gym.
  3. Make it compulsory for all kids to learn Madonna songs by heart from primary 3 onwards.
  4. Force employers to give emergency paid leave based on “my-girlfriend’s-ex-threw-a-drink-in-her-face-at-a-bar-its-all-lesbian-drama-gotta-go”.
  5. Make U-hauls compulsory – no couples shall date for more than 3 days before getting into a relationship and moving in.

Oh no the queens are knocking on the door… I have to run!


# Yuki Choe 2010-02-02 03:54
Yuki Choe said,

February 1, 2008 at 8:17 pm

Pleinelune, hope you do not mind. I wish to repost this on my blog under Gay Agendas. Hat Tipped to you. Thanks. ; )

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