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Good News and Bad News: Obama In, Equal Rights Out

It is good news and bad news today – in the good news, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

In the bad news, three states – Arizona, California and Florida, have voted to pass a constitutional amendment that defines “marriage as being between a man and a woman” only.


The most upsetting of these setbacks, was in the state of California, where Proposition 8 was defeated by a margin of 4% [with 95% of precints reporting in]. At the time of publication, it does not look likely that Proposition 8 will be defeated, and hence, we have to accept the cold hard reality that one of the largest, and supposedly liberal states in America has decided that people like us do not deserve equal rights. [Click here for updates]

Now, readers are inclined to ask: how is this related to us? We do not live in America, for this to really affect us. However, this is likely to have repercussions in both America and abroad, in the march towards progress. After the court case that allowed same-sex couples to get married, this step backwards is a big blow to equal rights. Even though domestic partnerships are still allowed, they are not the same as marriage, and does not confer many of the important rights that come with marriage.

Here’s us hoping that in the years to come, the constitutional amendment will be overturned, though it is so much harder to do.

Hillary Clinton Pledges Support for Global LGBT Rights

This is the video and transcript of United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's speech on LGBT rights for Human Rights Day. The Obama Administration is calling for protection of LGBT rights worldwide, including combating violence and abuse, and has committed US$3 million to support international civil rights organisations.


Quick Roundup: News on Gay Marriage in the US

In the past week, the state of gay marriage in the US wavered again. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that California's Proposition 8 (upheld in 2008) was unconstitutional. Then one day later, Washington voted to approve gay marriage, and the bill will be signed into law very soon. That will hardly be the end of the matter, and the US will certainly witness more back and forth in the days to come, but it could be a step in the right direction.

On Proposition 8, the burning question is whether the case will be brought all the way up to the Supreme Court. The Huffington Post, in its The Top Ten Questions on the Next Steps article, claims that "many legal experts" say "the Court is less likely to take the case". For a more provocative read, The Slate attempts to unmask some of the politics between the DOMA lobby (that's "Defense of  Marriage Act") and the anti-Proposition 8 group in A Losing Proposition: Why gay-rights leaders don’t want their big Prop 8 victory to go to the Supreme Court.The more technically inclined might want to read up on a legal analysis of the case that points out how groundbreaking the ruling is.

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