The SSC Experience 2010

Here are what some of our happy campers have said about the previous Sayoni Summer Camps!


Sayoni Summer Camp 2009 | Sayoni Summer Camp 2010


"SSC10 was a space where I could be myself and let my defences down. The environment in SSC10 was welcoming, secure, safe and open. I came to SSC10 with a vague idea of what to expect; I only knew I would make new friends and that it would be a good experience. And I'm so glad I've gained all that and so much more.

SSC10 coincided with a time in my life where I was feeling out of touch with myself, but through it I had the chance to explore my feelings with the support and encouragement of my fellow campers. I also learnt from their stories being shared and am thankful and feel blessed by their honesty and openness. After SSC10 I feel more centred within myself and feel stronger to face the world out there!"



"The best thing about SSC10 was me succeeding in sharing my joys of SSC with my best friend. What is the best experience in the world if you do not have people that matter to you partaking in what makes you happy! It was with this thought and the wish that my best friend would also benefit from this camp as I have in SSC09 that I decided to convince my best friend in taking a vacation retreat with me and the rest of the Sayoni girls.

Although SSC10 had a very different feel from SSC09 in terms of venue, people and vibes but what did not change was the fact that again, I came away from the camp feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated and with renewed knowledge about myself. I have to say that the weekend was well spent and if i could have my way, I would wish that all of us could attend various different camps all year long as forms of therapeutic retreats in this stressful and fast paced environment, especially as a modern queer woman!"



"As I am an SSC virgin, I was very excited and really looking forward to camp. The 3 days were awesome and didn't disappoint. The organisers did a great job from herding all of us at the airport to ensuring that everyone was well looked after. The 3 days at camp were filled with activities with enough leisure time to pursue individual interests. The ladies that attended were all fantastic, friendly and accomplished women. Good friends were definitely made over the weekend. The workshops were powerful and helped the women get to know themselves and each other a little better. The open sharing environment really helped the campers bond and the number of campers was optimal for this close bonding as it allowed the women to really share and understand each others' stories.

The best thing about SSC 10 was the good friends that were made and the stories that were exchanged.  I look forward to SSC 11.  Let's keep up the tradition!"



"I went there for the surf, the sand and the fun. I did  have all that, but what I did not expect to find was a deeper and better understanding of my already existing friends, not to mention the new friends I was making.

The trip was a welcome relief from my very hectic life. Indeed, until I stepped in there, I didn't realise how much weight I was carrying on my shoulders and how hectic my life was. I got to spend three days talking to many awesome women and exploring my own psyche."



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