Safehaven Dialogue Session- Part 1

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It was held at Amara hotel, on 10 May 2007, pertaining to the�Christian perspective on�homosexuality. The church that hosted it is FCC (Free Community Church), the only gay-affirming church in Singapore.There are 4 Speakers: (in order as presented on the panel yesterday)
1. Rev. Dr. Tan Kim Huat
(Chen Su Lan Professor of New Testament and
Dean of Studies at Trinity Theological College)
2.�Anthony Yeo
(Clinical Director of Counselling and Care Centre)
3. Edmund Smith
(Founder of ex-gay movement Real Life Ministry)
4. Rev. Dr. Yap Kim Hao, PhD
(Boston University, Mass, USA)
(First Asian Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysia and Singapore, Pastoral Advisor- Free Community Church)

Augustine Anthuvan

(Assistant Programme Manager, MediaCorp Radio)

Someone said that the panel is not balanced, since noone is anti-gay.

I think we need to differentiate between homosexuality and the homosexual person. If you are against people (and you can�t get them out of your argument), you will find your arguments framed as personal attacks. Therefore, to have a constructive discussion on homosexuality,�it is better to�seek panelists who are neutral towards gay persons, but divided on the issue of homosexuality. [Speakers 1 and 3 are not for homosexuality; Speakers 2 and 4 are gay-affirming.]

Is it possible to divide the person from the sexual orientation in a discussion?
Yes. But many gay people find it difficult to separate the two because sexuality is such a salient component of their sense of self. And hence the civilized verbal attacks on Edmund Smith (ex-gay pastor).

Because so much was touched on, i am going to share my thoughts in a series.

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