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Sayoni is a Singapore-based feminist, volunteer-run organisation that works to uphold human rights protections for queer women, including lesbian, bisexual and transgender women. We organise and advocate for equality in well-being and dignity regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and sex characteristics.

We believe that everyone has a part to play in improving the lives of LBTQ people. Donate or volunteer with us.

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What if I'm gay? A coming out guide

"What if I'm gay?" is a basic guide to the common concerns we have when communicating with others about same-sex attractions and relationships. It covers topics from the process of coming out to oneself, parents or friends to commonly used terms and myths about being gay.

Particularly suitable for those just coming out to themselves or preparing to come out to others, this book also contains insights and practical suggestions for everyone else. Real-life stories and a list of online resources are included to support readers in their individual journeys.

About the Author
Sayoni is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore for lesbian, queer, bisexual and transgender women. This project was wholly written and funded by volunteers. All proceeds from this publication will go towards funding programmes that contribute to advocacy, knowledge and building the community.


Selling Price

S$15 (including local shipping within Singapore)


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For international orders, do send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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