We're at the Camp !

Today is the big day! Everyone in SSC Team is excited to meet all our campers at the Rendez-Vous point to embark for this long WE adventure. Everything is ready, The Sayonites can't wait to enjoy this event with everyone.
We will be back on Sunday, keep an eye on our website if you couldn't make it this year and want to read about the camp and how it went. :)

Campers, let's go !

Welcome to Sayoni Summer Camp 2009!


Welcome to the Sayoni Summer Camp 2009 website.

Sayoni Summer Camp aims to be a fun-filled and meaningful experience for queer women. We wish to promote self-development and growth, with a focus on encouraging campers' self-exploration and understanding of their relationship with the world around them.

You can go here to read more about this event, or here if you are wondering who is behind it. If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or drop us a message.

Registrations are closed

Registrations are now closed. All participants have received a pre-event brief mail with all the details on where to meet and what to bring.

If you haven't received this email, or have any questions regarding your registration, please contact us.

The whole team is looking forward to seeing everyone this WE ! :)

Registrations will close on 13th April

Due to a requirement by the resort, all participants need to be registered by 13th April and payment has to done by 15th April. If you are still wondering whether or not to sign up, we urge you to act now! Sign up immediately before slots are completely filled!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Limited slots left !

We have had a great response to the camp with more than half the available places for Sayoni Summer Camp taken up. Registrations will close once all places have been filled. So if you are still considering whether or not to sign up, don't think any longer, sign up now!

3 Days left only for early bird rates !

You still have until this Saturday to benefit from our special early bird prices !
Hurry and register now to take advantage of this promotion :)

Registration is now open

You can now register for the camp. How does it work? It's very simple:
First, fill in the form on the registration page. You'll receive a confirmation email in return with the payment options available to you to confirm your booking. Once your payment is received, we will email your ticket to you :).
If payment is not received within 7 days following your registration, you will have to register again.

About Sayoni

To read more about who's behind this event and to meet with the organizing team, please visit this page.