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This Week in Queer Entertainment (19/5/08 – 25/5/08)

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Drama drama drama. That’s what we have for you, this week. What’s new, right?

Grey’s Anatomy

Wooh, what a season finale. Not only did all our favourite couples end up together, we got a hot lesbian kiss between Callie and Erica at the end.

So, continuing on the thread of the clinical trial by Merder, this week, we had a couple who was going in for the experimental-surgery-that-has-not-worked-yet. Meredith continues seeing her therapist, and finally figures out her issues, and of course after that, you know, that she and Derek are going to end up back together eventually, especially after they managed to save one of the patients. The Disease du Jour was a boy trapped in a cement block, and eventually gets the girl of his dreams, Han Solo style. Bailey sees the bigger picture, and gives the clinic to Izzie, who in turn has learned to be assertive with Alex who is sheltering a crazy Rebecca/Ava. The Chief, who is The Villain in Meredith’s story, decides to give George a retest, and come home to his wife.

Now that we have all the other subplots straightened out, no pun intended, we can focus on our favourite couple. Callie and Erica have some sexual tension going on in surgery, but Callie still thinks it is Mark’s dirty talk which turns her on, not the subject of the dirty talk, though Mark realises it and tells her so. Of course, there is the anvil of subtlety plot-point that also urges Callie to finally make the move, which is that the girl that cement-boy likes, does not dare to tell anyone, including her friends, that she likes cement-boy too, for fear of ridicule. At the end of the day, Mark tells Callie to finish what she started… she walks up to Erica, and tells her she has something to say. Erica is not paying attention, she is looking for her keys… Callie demands Erica to pay attention, and when she straightens up and looks at her, Callie goes for the kiss.



After the whole montage of kissing scenes with all the characters, we finally come back to the couple who are still making out, and Mark is seen in the background, admiring his handiwork. Apparently, turning over a new leaf can also include urging your sex-buddy to be herself and kiss the woman she likes.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

This week was a continuation of drama madness of yesterweek. The previous show left us hanging as to the fate of Bo – it turns out Chad headbutted and punched him. Bo, very wisely, did not fight back, and had to be taken to the hospital and have surgery for his jaw that split with the force of the punch. He fought through the surgery, and still managed to make it back on time to the show, which touched Tila. I have changed my mind…. the Bobby of this season is clearly Bo, not Kyle. They even have the same first two letters in the name, and have gotten into fights over Tila (remember Ashley punching out Bobby last season?). Tila clearly seems to be a sucker for that.

Of course, right after the fight, Chad was sent home by security, so thank goodness about that. Seeing his face on screen was making ME want to punch something. Tila made a surprising decision, and decided to invite George back into the house, clearly aware she had made a huge mistake in choosing Chad. (So why the hell did you not allow Brandi back in the last season? Arrghhh)

Though everyone was happy to see George back in the house, they did not quite feel it was fair in some ways, and Lisa questioned it, and started saying it was all fake under her breath, which Tila caught. It would have been bye-bye for Lisa, except that Lisa and Brittany won the challenge later, and the date with her. As usual, Lisa wins everything, and then, as Brittany puts it, jinxes whoever who goes on the double-date with her. Lisa and Tila started fighting about the misunderstanding earlier. And this was the true surprising part – Lisa just walked out, and Tila actually followed her, trying to talk to her. Given how princessy and choosy Tila is, her actually trying to make it with someone is out of the ordinary, and may show how much she might have fallen for Lisa. Lisa tried to explain that she needs some time, and is afraid of her feelings, and ended the fight by kissing Tila.

At elimination, Tila got rid of Sirbrina and Michelle. Sirbrina was just not making the effort to get to know Tila, though Tila was very physically attracted to her. Michelle, well, is rather forgettable. Lisa did not get the boot, as expected, but Tila decided that them fighting meant there was something worth fighting for, and there was a connection and feelings – probably evidenced by the passionate kissing they had at elimination. So, I think we all know who this season’s Dani is, except Lisa is not nearly as sweet and nice. Brittany broke the Lisa jinx, and was kept on the show, and George was told to step it up and not get too comfortable. Scotty, Mr Pastry-puff-in-need-of-a-shave, is probably there just because he has not done anything wrong yet.

Predictions: Jay and Kristy are getting the boot next week. Or at least, I hope Jay is, because I have to see his coloured-contact lens eyes one more time, I may want to gouge them out.

And this column ends the updates for Grey’s Anatomy until season 5 (if there will be one) starts again, but the updates for A Shot at Love will continue. As usual, if you have any entertainment updates, send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and you may see it published!


# KKelly 2010-02-02 00:36

Kelly said,

May 29, 2008 at 1:34 am

That kiss on Grey’s was SERIOUS. Probably one of my favorite yet. I never would have guessed they would take Callie’s storyline the way of a female kiss, but I love that they did! There better be another season so we can see where this goes.

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