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Dear Sayoni members,

Imagine..A tantalizing barbecue spread at sunset by the poolside of the Hilton surrounded by some of hottest babes around Asia. How does that sound to you? Make that an entire weekend of activities by the women, only for the women.

Two Queens has it all planned for you at the NATION VI party for women � W @ Nation. The weekend promises to be one filled with festivities and fun where women can party alongside one another, forge new friendships (and something more) or to just chill out in the company of friends.

Besides exclusive female only programs such as an opening girl�s party and cabaret show, the W Party packages also includes entries to Fridae�s signature party Nation and closing party Hot Couture featuring the ever charismatic DJ Kate Monroe where we all join together and dance the night away as one big Fridae nation.

Package Info: Two Queens Party Queen Package: $250.00 or
Two Queens Absolute Queen Package (with accomdation) :

5D 4N Package (20th to 24th Oct)
Special Early Bird Price – till 8th Sept at $432.00
All Two Queens & Fridae members at $448.00
Standard Price : $480.00 (non-members)

Absolute Queen 4D 3N Packages (20th to 23rd Oct)
Special Early Bird Price – till 8th Sept at $387.00
All Two Queens & Fridae members at $408.00
Standard Price : $430 (non-members)

These packages are EXCLUSIVELY for the women and separate from the normal packages for the boys.
Prices have been packaged for a separate hotel, 2 x nation parties, 1 x exclusive girls party, BBQ Poolside dinner/ International Cabaret dinner & a whole load of other girly activites that runs exclusively for the girls only.

Full details on website.

Travelling Dates:
You can opt to travel from the 19th /20th to 22nd/23rd/24th Oct, depending on your own schedule. 24th oct, btw is a Hari Raya Puasa holiday in Singapore.

How to get there?
Jetstar is offering a special 2-way trip ticket at $251 (inclusive of taxes) This special rate can only be booked online if you book through the Fridae nation site. (not accesible through the jetstar asia website directly)

You can also try accessing .The rates to fly to Phuket on the 18th or 19th Oct still cheap at the moment. At the same time, Tiger flys back to Singapore on the 23rd of Oct as well.

Who’s Going?
We have also tied up with girl groups from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, & Thailand, so we are expecting this to be a regional event.

Special Promo:
The Early Bird packages have been extended till 8th September as the websites were launched later than expected.
We will be holding two promotions with Club95:
Club95 celebrates [email protected] Swing down on the 31st Aug or 9th September 8pm, and pay $95 off the package price (standard price) if you book on the spot*! Two Queens crew will be on hand to answer your queries about [email protected]

For More Details...
The [email protected] packages are offically launched on both & !
To link up to the [email protected] on fridae, please click on the little woman figure on the right hand side of the screen. It will zip you onto a different page.

For more enquires, do give me shout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 6224-3188.

We’ll see you at Phuket!

Closing of Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006

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The Sayoni Queer Women Survey 2006 has been closed to the public. We thank each and every single person who graciously spent their time doing this survey, and all the groups and individuals who helped promote this survey to the public.

The results of this survey will be out in a complete report in some time. Please be patient as we analyse the results. The report will be available for free download on this blog, so please check back for updates.

Child-Watch Phuket fundraiser @ Two Queens Party!

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Dear Two Queeners,

Me & a colleague recently went down to Phuket for [email protected] recce. Part of our trip was to visit Child-Watch Phuket, the orphanage we will be visiting on 23rd Oct, 2 to 5pm. Attached is a little of what they left we us while we were there, and what we hope to do during [email protected], to add a little sunshine to their lives. Child-Watch is run by a group of volunteers who gets a little help from strangers along the way, hence the development of a home to house the orphans, a school to teach the kids basic education, and a website to help Child-Watch Phuket gain awareness on a global level. What they lack though is continuing support to provide necessities (Books, Pens, Clothes, Milk) to provide for the children on a daily level, and most importantly, funds to eventually send these kids who are ready to enter primary education.

For our 3rd Oct Two Queens, we will be jumping in with a Child-Watch Phuket fundraiser party. If you�re not traveling to [email protected] with us, you may take this opportunity to contribute a little on your end. We will be holding various fundraising activities from 9pm onwards to add a little festival feel to Thumper.

For more info on Child-Watch Phuket, do log on If you are interesting in sponsoring a child�s education on a long-term level, do talk to us at the Oct Two Queens Party.



Asia Blog Awards

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Yes, it is that time of the year again. The time of the year where you size up your favourite blogs and vote for them.

Quite unexpectedly, we have been nominated for the Best GLBT Blog category. We sincerely thank the anonymous party who did so, and hope we can continue to demonstrate the good qualities you saw in us to nominate us.

If you think we are worthy of this title, please go here to vote for us!

Do check out the other nominees in the category as well.

L3 Forum: Audio Part 1

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L3 Forum

L3 Forum was Sayoni’s first time participating in Indignation, and more importantly, the first Sayoni held a talk/forum for the public. For those who were not able to attend this event, this is a series of audio recordings of the event.

Note: Sayoni will not be releasing the video recordings of the event anywhere.

How to listen:

There are several ways to do this.

1. Listen on our page itself, by clicking the audio link below

2. If you are already subscribed to our feed, this should automatically be delivered to your RSS/Atom aggregrator. Email subscribers, please go back to the original blog post.

3. If you prefer iTunes, please go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast, and add this URL –

L3 Forum Part 1: Introduction and Identity

The following parts will be put up over the next few days, in order to ease the load on the server.

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