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Sayoni Monthly Gathering

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Come down for a day of fun, laughter and enjoyment with our lovely Sayoni girls. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, or head on over to our Events forum

Smile! Campaign

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Most of you should have read by now about PM Lee’s 4 Million Smiles Campaign. I make no comment about the effectiveness of this campaign, as there are already scathing reviews on it. Suffice to say that a genuine smile means more than a thousand plastic, forced smiles.

However, I wish to see this in the light of the gay community. The PM wants smiles. He wants normal, ordinary Singaporeans to send in photos of them smiling, so as to showcase the diversity in our country.

He wants diversity? Let’s give him diversity. I want every one of you – every person who is more or less out, and has a steady partner, to smile for him. I want you to wear rainbow colours, and pose as a couple for PM Lee. Hold hands, hug, whatever. And I want you to smile. I want you to show how very happy you are, and how undysfunctional and normal you are, even though you are gay.

Even if you are not attached, I want you to smile for him. Wear your pride necklace, pride band, anything that clearly indicates your sexuality. Say cheese, because you are doing the best thing possible for our community: being out, proud and visible. You are showing all those a**holes in the government that we are not a bunch of screwed-up, drug-using, psychopathic whores. And that we do care for the country, as much as any other straight baby-making person.And most importantly, that we are human.

This is our pride parade, people. Flaunt it.
Send in your smiles through this website: .

Femme Quest

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Are you ready for Femme Quest 2006? Come and witness the MOST happening event of the year as we present you with the 3rd run of the very sucessful Femme Quest competition!! Expect to see more reality segments & get upclose with the femmes. You don’t want to miss that, do you? Profiles of Femme Quest 2006 contestants out NOW.


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A thank you message from Pelangi Pride Centre (Singapore)

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who made our official (re)launch of Pelangi Pride Centre at Mox Bar & Cafe on Saturday 6th May such a hit!

More than 200 people turned up and the place was packed all the way from 4pm to 8pm. Especially popular: the community fair, where different non-profit gay and lesbian community groups set up booths to promote their organisations, activities and issues. Guests also enjoyed soulful performances by Cyril Wong on the piano and Wendy Siew on the guitar.

The mood was relaxed and sociable, as people caught up with old faces and made new friends. Everyone lingered on, partly thanks to the delicious custard puffs and other snacks, as well as the free flow of soft drinks, courtesy of Mox Bar & Cafe. The evening ended with the lucky draw, featuring prizes from

On behalf of Pelangi Pride Centre, and the community at large, we want to say a great big thank you to:

* Mox Bar & Cafe – for hosting PPC and for sponsoring our lovely bookshelves. Thanks especially to Mok, as well as Bernice & John for all your efforts

* – for sponsoring the fabulous prizes

* Free Community Church – for your generous donation

* Cyril Wong & Wendy Siew for sharing your music with us.

* Community groups – for making this first ever GLBT community fair a reality, and for the space to publicise PPC on your mailing lists

* Our fellow volunteers – from librarians to those who helped with transport, storage, web-mastering, poster design, photography, booth manning and organisation

* Launch party guests – for your interest and support: you made this a great community success

* Our supporters in cyberspace and around the world – your moral support helped keep our spirits up while we were in-between homes

* Last but not least: Hisham – for making this all happen, by putting us in touch with Mox when we left our old home

Hope to see you at Mox, every Sat 4pm to 8pm

Charmaine, Dinesh and Eileena

Photos of PPCLaunch Party & Community Fair

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