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Love Extraordinary

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Dedicated to the two of you.

[You know who you are. =) ]

When I browse through the papers,
What do I see?
White teeth, flawless faces,
Smiling back at me.

They hold each other’s hands.
Gaze into each other’s eyes.
A man and a woman…
“By you i am mesmerized.”

But you, who go against the grain.
Taunted by a wilderness unknown.
You found someone. You stood your ground.
Heck societal’s disapproving tone!

Our love is true, you declared!
You love with incandescence.
A powerful love story you began to craft…
Even movies paled in comparison.

Then obstacles appeared…
Nothing seemed to be going for you.
One wave upon another,
To break up, you took that as a cue.

But oh don’t you see?
The coming together of two imperfect people,
Disappointments and differences
Mistakes and errors… are inevitable.

You said you wanted to let go;
But you couldn’t.
No- deep down somewhere, you believed
And that’s why you wouldn’t.

This is love:

Not that it was never scarred.
Not that foundations were never shaken.
Not that there were no differences.
Not that things don’t pose a challenge.

But that in spite of it all,
The love between you remains.
Strength in the midst of weaknesses;
And of courage and perseverence it paints.

A love extraordinary.
*I wish the two of you all the best.


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