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“Othering” the gay community

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What is “othering” the community?
That means trying to make a specific group as different from oneself as much as possible. This is generally done to make oneself feel superior to another group… or to justify prosecution of another group (Note: the Aborgines and the White Australians; the colonial masters and their colonized Indian natives).

Now that’s a feat considering that homosexuals do not differ much from heterosexuals. There are many ways the homophobes try to marginalize gays and lesbians. Let’s examine some popular roll-off-their-tongues-without-thinking statements:

1. “Their lifestyle is deviant. It is against nature.”

By now, we all know that animals have same-sex activity. So it appears that homosexual lifestyle is not a man-made recent idea; a new vice among the YOUTHS. Homosexuals exist in our natural animal world. By now, we all know that animals have same-sex activity. Actually this is OLD news- I read about animals having same-sex activity about a decade ago! The news was hushed. It is detrimental to the argument that “being gay is unnatural” which is crucial to the inexorable persecution of gays in our society.

Down with the “nature argument”!

Secondly, i find the use of the word “lifestyle” inappropriate. When we talk about lifestyle, it’s a way of life! The way i see it: homosexuals ALSO go to school, work; hang out with friends; attend church; attend functions and gatherings; read books; exercise; date; establish lasting romantic and platonic relationships with people etc. Why is the gender of their partner THAT significant?

2. “If we allow homosexuality, we allow pedophiles and sex with beasts and other forms of perversion.”

Some people lump a few things together to give something a bad name. It’s a psychological trick that many fell for- association. Let me introduce a term: Goterim.

Read this: Goterim, perversion, immorality, unclean, impure.
What do you think Goterim is?
Now read this: Goterim, serenity, exuberance, purity, beauty.
What do you think Goterim is?



Now, there is no such word. But chances are: you would think Goterim has negative connotations when you read the first line… and you might think that Goterim is some sort of an angel when you read the second line.

The thing is: Most people who do not really understand what homosexuality is all about… would make a judgment based on association. It is no secret that simple exposure to a word can invoke feelings in you.

My oh my, don’t the homophobes know how to employ the use of such tactics? Insidiously influencing your mind? Poor, unaware and cannot-be-bothered-to-think-more readers of their trash! Happily manipulated and converted.

What on earth has homosexuality got to do with animal and child sex? *Thinks of the recent saga over heterosexual child sex in near islands.

3. “Homosexuals CANNOT be happy and their relationships do not last.”

This irks me the most. These homophobes speak like they have analyzed all factors and their interactions to a specific variable i.e. they are so sure that it is your sexual orientation that determines how long your relationship lasts and your happiness level.

Think logically:
If your sexual orientation is THE SOLE reason why your relationships fail; then a different “right” sexual orientation should free you from relationship fiascos. Is that the case?

Rebuttal: Heterosexuals have increasing divorce rates. Many heterosexuals engage in adultery; participate in one-night stands; engage the services of prostitutes etc.
Refutation: There are gays and lesbians with long-lasting satisfying relationships.

4. The homosexual lifestyle is unhealthy.

Well, MAJOR reasons why there are depressed gays and lesbians include societal pressure like homophobic remarks, and confusion. Do you know what strength is takes to go against the grain of what is broadcasted?

Well, the reason why there are depressed gays and lesbians is because is confusion and societal pressure like homophobic remarks. Do you know what strength is takes to go against the grain of what is broadcasted?Amazing what pressure can do to any person- straight or gay! Just today, someone told me a boy from a top JC jumped off the block because his private part is too small!
Absurd? Well, that’s pressure for you and a testimony of the power it wields.

Physically unhealthy? Do you see gays and lesbians lining up for public clinics? Are they more prone to common colds and headaches?!
In terms of sexually-transmitted diseases, both heterosexuals and homosexuals are involved. Why is it a gay-problem today?
*And i have yet to hear of lesbians dying likes flies from STDs.*
And then there are some irrelevant matters that homophobes bring up:

1. “The gay community are small in numbers. Possibly less than 5% of the population is gay.”

You are telling me that when a community is small, it means that their practices are evil and they should be wiped out?This is tyranny of the majority. Going by this flawed logic, are we then to eradicate the minority races in our country?!?! Should we encourage homogenity in all countries then… since any minority OUGHT to be persecuted for being the nail that stands out? How about tribal communities in rural China?Rubbishy argument~!

My stand is this:
You wanna prove that heterosexual relationships are superior?
Do it this way:
Put a same-sex couple and a straight couple on the same platform- all attributes similar except the sexual orientation.
Now, there is REAL comparison!

It ain’t no wonder that the same principles that make a heterosexual relationship tick makes a same-sex relationship tick… After all, gays and lesbians are humans too.


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May 10, 2006 at 1:44 pm

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