Top 5 Reasons You Should Join Sayoni Summer Camp '11

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Sayoni Summer Camp '11 will be happening on Labour Day weekend, 29 Apr - 2 May 2011.

For those who are still considering whether to join us, we have asked previous campers what they have gained from the camp and put together the five reasons you should do so.

1. The Bonds Formed

Participants from both camps have formed lasting friendships that extended far beyond the three days they spent together. The camp's self-development workshops provide unique bonding opportunities so that women can grow together and learn about themselves and the community.

2. Recharge and Rediscover Yourself

The camp offers an important time-out and breathing space from busy lives, offering a gay-affirming, positive space. Planned activities and workshops help women to recharge and have new perspectives on their journeys. 

3. Share in a Safe and Confidential Space

Knowledgeable facilitators and supportive women make the camp a safe place to share concerns and support others during workshops. The privacy of the camp means that women feel they are able to step forward and truly be themselves, and that is an experience like no other.

4. Meet Likeminded Women

The camp tends to draw queer women from all walks of life, and many have broadened their social circles with others who share common interests. 

5. Have Lots of Fun

With all the energy, a beautiful setting and awesome women, what else to expect but lots and lots of fun? And yes, self-development can be terrific fun!

So if you'd like a vacation that promises to be more meaningful than any other, come join us on the next Sayoni Summer Camp! Watch our Youtube video to see what I mean.

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