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I was traveling towards the city when three little girls pranced into the train.
Young. Rambunctious. Indefatigable.
Do you remember how it was?
… Can you remember how it was?

Grins from ear to ear. Radiating wth youthful exuberance. They lifted my countenance… I was smiling in spite of myself. So contagious…
Will they remember how it was?

When did it all start?
The little hassles embedded in mundaneness of life. The striving.
The need to make that grade; to earn that amount; to get that promotion; to attract that dream girl…
All these… have subtly waltzed away with the simple pleasures of life.

The good life as a destination is a bottomless pit:

Before you get your class 3 licence, it’s a indispensable marker of the next phase of your life. After you get your class 3 licence, it’s just another card in your wallet.
Before you get that A grade, you would sacrificed nights of good sleep. After you get that A grade, it’s just another alphabet on your transcipt.
Before you get your little niche, you thought your sanity hedges on it. After you get a place of your own, you worry about maintaining it.

When was the last time you stopped to watch the clouds go by… to muse over the erratic shapes they take and how capricious they are?
The stray cat that roams is a spectacle… watch how she stretches and yawns… the way the ears move one after another as it turns its head this way and that.
Have you sat quietly and observed people on the streets… and wondered at how their lives are written on their faces? Laugh-lines around the eyes, train-tracks on their foreheads… And to be amazed at how a prune-face can be magically transformed by the upturning corners of the mouth?

Ambition? Yes of course.
Putting our best foot forward? Most certainly.

But must all these… sacrifice the spontanity we once had… and the appreciation we once had of little things…?


# Ccurled 2010-02-02 03:29

curled said,

March 22, 2006 at 12:43 pm

the fact tt you ponder over this while putting final touches to ur thesis clearly shows you arent so lost in “the striving”… as most of us are… or i am at least… esp now tt i am unemployed…
its so scary tt just last nov i was dead to the world drowning in my thesis and it totally consumed me… and then suddenly i was back in sgp with nothing to do -feeling hopeless and useless “until i find that job”…

everytime i “stopped to watch the clouds go by” i have this reflect action of slapping myself outta it and telling myself i cant afford this “waste of time”

*takes a step back from it all to ponder*
# Mier 2010-02-02 03:29

Mier said,

March 22, 2006 at 12:54 pm

You know… there are times (and i am talking about this few weeks) when i felt like there is an overwhelming amount of work to do. Coz of the number of presentations and what not. And when that happens, i feel like there’s a heavy weight on my chest… all tensed up. It’s a terrible feeling!! Then i remind myself to let go… and remind myself again and again that all i can do is put in my best… and the rest is not in my hands… Glad you are out of the “drowning” period!! =D

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