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The Daily War

Written by Indu on . Posted in Feminism

I am waging a war. And I am losing, badly. My defences are being torn down by the battering ram of a heaving cleavage, tightly wrapped in a V-neck blouse. I can ‘t take my eyes off, and I don ‘t quite want to either. A fighter cannot be distracted. Yet distraction walks in the form of a pair of sexy, tanned legs in a short skirt and high heels. My guard is down, and I pay for the lapse in attention badly, when a beautiful face leads a cavalry charge against me.

I surrender, but not before artillery in the form of a smoky glance in my direction sends me running for cover.

Ladies and ladies, I am fighting a war, which I enjoy losing every time. Whether it be on a MRT train, on the streets, or simply on the TV screen, this is a war I wage everyday, in trying not to objectify women.

I can ‘t really help it: I love women so much I sometimes wonder why it took me so long to come out to myself. It is hard not to check out women all around me. As a woman, it is so much easier to get away with it, as even straight women check each other out all the time, but more for sizing up competition.

Lesbian Feminism?

Written by (Guest Writers) on . Posted in Feminism

This is a guest-post by Loverbunny, from The Lesbian Lifestyle

When I was a kid I always thought feminists and lesbians were the same. When I discovered my own sexuality and finally, at 15, began the grueling process of coming out, I realized how wrong I was as a kid. To gain a little more perspective on the subject, I did search the net for some resources. I took a women’s studies course about a year ago and loved every minute of it. When I was younger I assumed that all women in women’s studies courses were lesbians and all girls who went to all girl’s schools were lesbians as well. I was SO wrong. My freshman year of college, I only met ONE lesbian from the all girl’s school across town from my school. And in my women’s studies class, I was the only lesbian.

When I did the internet search, I found a page on Lesbian Feminism at Wikipedia. I got a hit for “Lesbian Feminism.” Here are the 7 key themes of lesbian feminism as defined by Sheila Jeffreys.

1. An emphasis on women’s love for one another.
2. Seperatist organizations.
3. Community and ideas.
4. Idea that lesbianism is about choice and resistance.
5. Idea that the personal is the political.
6. A rejection of heirarchy in the form of role-playing and sado-masochism.
7. A critique of male supremacy which eroticises inequality.

While a few of those are great like numbers 1 and 3…there is a big problem with others, especially number 4. In this view, homosexuality is a choice or conscious response to man-made organizations. I completely disagree. While some girls may choose it because it’s in the media and it’s “cool” to be bi…I can’t understand why someone would consider sexuality a choice. My sisters did not choose to be straight. They just are. I did not choose to be a lesbian. I just am. Why would I choose such a hard path in life if I could just choose to love men instead?

The Woman- Discriminated and “Objectified”

Written by AnJ on . Posted in Feminism

If the person that the NYP girl was having sex with is FEMALE, how will the outcry be different?

I am sure by now you would have gotten a whiff of the NYP girl video- if not the video, at least the knowledge of it. It is circulating like a forest fire on a warm summer night. (And just today, my friend told me that her NS boyfriend will be getting the clip from another guy friend… and they will all watch the clip together. Apparently the excitement is still very much alive.)

A male blogger: “… should we sympathise with Tammy? … Seriously, why should we? No decent girl will film their sexual acts for whatever purpose, unless her ambition since young is to be the Porn Idol. Likewise you do not transit in Sillypore with 10kg of drugs and when caught, claim innocence.”

It is not the point here that the transgressor is the thief, who not only stole the mobile (crime 1) but also bore sufficient malice to expose and circulate it (crime 2- invasion of privacy and personal space)… It is not the point that the transgression here is NOT the two of them having sex (How can it be akin to drugs possession? I am completely baffled by his logic. The illegal age for sexual intercourse is under 16, is it not?)… It is also not the point that a girl performing oral on her boyfriend is unlikely to have free hands to film herself doing it at the same time (Yes, i am saying that the male did the recording for that scene).

The point here is: How is the video viewed?
BOTH the guy and the girl had their faces exposed in the clip… however, the attention is really skewed. The male’s part in this (and i assure you it’s no small part given that it takes TWO to have sex) was conveniently effaced. Why?

The prevalant attitude endorsed by many is the culprit: It is axiomatic that men are naturally more sexual; it’s their genes- Men are helpless and controlled by their raging hormones! Women? Women are supposed to be asexual creatures; if they are sexual, it’s immoral.

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