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Written by AnJ on . Posted in Emotional & Physical Wellness

I was traveling towards the city when three little girls pranced into the train.
Young. Rambunctious. Indefatigable.
Do you remember how it was?
… Can you remember how it was?

Grins from ear to ear. Radiating wth youthful exuberance. They lifted my countenance… I was smiling in spite of myself. So contagious…
Will they remember how it was?

When did it all start?
The little hassles embedded in mundaneness of life. The striving.
The need to make that grade; to earn that amount; to get that promotion; to attract that dream girl…
All these… have subtly waltzed away with the simple pleasures of life.

The good life as a destination is a bottomless pit:

Before you get your class 3 licence, it’s a indispensable marker of the next phase of your life. After you get your class 3 licence, it’s just another card in your wallet.
Before you get that A grade, you would sacrificed nights of good sleep. After you get that A grade, it’s just another alphabet on your transcipt.
Before you get your little niche, you thought your sanity hedges on it. After you get a place of your own, you worry about maintaining it.

When was the last time you stopped to watch the clouds go by… to muse over the erratic shapes they take and how capricious they are?
The stray cat that roams is a spectacle… watch how she stretches and yawns… the way the ears move one after another as it turns its head this way and that.
Have you sat quietly and observed people on the streets… and wondered at how their lives are written on their faces? Laugh-lines around the eyes, train-tracks on their foreheads… And to be amazed at how a prune-face can be magically transformed by the upturning corners of the mouth?

Ambition? Yes of course.
Putting our best foot forward? Most certainly.

But must all these… sacrifice the spontanity we once had… and the appreciation we once had of little things…?

The Woman- Discriminated and “Objectified”

Written by AnJ on . Posted in Feminism

If the person that the NYP girl was having sex with is FEMALE, how will the outcry be different?

I am sure by now you would have gotten a whiff of the NYP girl video- if not the video, at least the knowledge of it. It is circulating like a forest fire on a warm summer night. (And just today, my friend told me that her NS boyfriend will be getting the clip from another guy friend… and they will all watch the clip together. Apparently the excitement is still very much alive.)

A male blogger: “… should we sympathise with Tammy? … Seriously, why should we? No decent girl will film their sexual acts for whatever purpose, unless her ambition since young is to be the Porn Idol. Likewise you do not transit in Sillypore with 10kg of drugs and when caught, claim innocence.”

It is not the point here that the transgressor is the thief, who not only stole the mobile (crime 1) but also bore sufficient malice to expose and circulate it (crime 2- invasion of privacy and personal space)… It is not the point that the transgression here is NOT the two of them having sex (How can it be akin to drugs possession? I am completely baffled by his logic. The illegal age for sexual intercourse is under 16, is it not?)… It is also not the point that a girl performing oral on her boyfriend is unlikely to have free hands to film herself doing it at the same time (Yes, i am saying that the male did the recording for that scene).

The point here is: How is the video viewed?
BOTH the guy and the girl had their faces exposed in the clip… however, the attention is really skewed. The male’s part in this (and i assure you it’s no small part given that it takes TWO to have sex) was conveniently effaced. Why?

The prevalant attitude endorsed by many is the culprit: It is axiomatic that men are naturally more sexual; it’s their genes- Men are helpless and controlled by their raging hormones! Women? Women are supposed to be asexual creatures; if they are sexual, it’s immoral.

Are you living life, or merely just coping with it?

Written by peggy on . Posted in Emotional & Physical Wellness

Life can be quite a roller coaster isn’t it?

There are moments of lull, of tranquility where the roller coaster seems to have transformed itself into a tame choo-choo train ride for toddlers.

Then suddenly, without any warning, this tame choo-choo train viciously changes into one demon-possessed hell bound roller coaster ride.

You know what I mean.

There are bound to be events in our lives that will knock us on the head and jot us out of our life equilibrium.

A demanding work project with a super tight deadline; a new boss who seems to have decided to make you the scapegoat for every administrative blunder in the office; a death in the family; making preparations to shift house (from shopping for a new place, renovating the new place, to logistics for moving into the new place); the end of a close friendship; the end of a romantic relationship.

The list goes on.

I am writing about the stresses in our lives.

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